What In The Glookies Are You Talking About?

During this time of despair. We are all looking for things to do. Where to go? Wait! We can’t go anywhere but to the market or pharmacy. Which is becoming the highlight of my day. To be honest within weeks I did lose my sense of motivation. I haven’t shaved in two weeks. My sleeping pattern has gotten out of wack. I’m starting my day at 5pm and it’s literally over by 9pm. However, in those four hours I’m totally productive. Then I lose steam and it’s lights out!! Damn!! That’s depressing….

It’s now Saturday.. I will say that maybe on Wednesday. Things began to shift. I’m walking away with knowledge from conversations. Once upon a time. I was mister goes in one ear and out the other. I’m getting back to routine. I’m back to making lists, waving to the cutie pie in the mirror. The past few days I’m waking up around 8am. It’s literally no one outside. The birds are chirping it sounds so beautiful. The air is crispy. I’ll have a hit of Glookies and a cup of coffee. I’ll go for a short walk. Until I see more than three people. Then I’ll head back in. “This virus is no joke. It’s gotten me paranoid of people.” I’ll Have some more Glookies and start of to a productive day. It’s been three days. Looks like someone is on a roll.

I received a text from a “Friend”. If you already know what Glookies are. Then you know what type of friend I’m speaking about. Actually, we’ve had drinks and hung out a few times. So, a connection turned friend. Anyway, he’s like “I have Glookies and you haven’t tried it yet.” My guinea pig ass loves anything. As long as, it isn’t garbage. So……

I get the Glookies. When I opened it up. The aroma was very nice and powerful. I began to feel a little buzz. Maybe it was the anxiety of wanting to hit that. I prepare for takeoff. What I wasn’t expecting was the landing. As I’m taking it all in. There are these aromas that are hitting my senses. I was hit with chocolate and peanuts. I was relaxed maybe too relaxed. I did it before my virtual happy hour and I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I was drinking ice water to kind of wake me up. It wasn’t happening at all. Eventually, I came back down but damn… what a trip!!!

Glookies is a mixture of Girl Scout Cookies “My favorite” and Gorilla Glue. Whoever came up with this. I love you!! It’s fabulous!! Its flawless!!! Once, it settled in. I totally had a cerebral influx of lifted creativity. I felt motivated. I continued a few projects that I’ve started. I was totally inspired. I didn’t have any feelings of anxiety. I wasn’t sedated for once. It settles and lasts pretty long. It left me feeling happy and giddy. A feeling that I haven’t had in a while. The THC level is about 15-19 percent. It’s 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa. Which means… it won’t have you stuck on stupid. I recommend it for people who may have insomnia, stress, PTSD, chronic pain and anxiety. You’ll feel creative and relaxed. It smells like earth and taste like peanuts. It’s my new thing. I’m happy with it. I hope he keeps this one around. Its helping me out a lot.

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