The Types Of Friendships That You Need In Your Life

Stop with these fair-weathered friends. It’s not healthy for you at all. It can actually kill you! Some people need about 40 friends. That’s totally unnecessary… You’ll find out that maybe, just maybe 6 of them are actually your friends. The rest is your audience. Personally, I prefer the small group of friends. I mean… You may see me out with tons of people. When I have my extrovert suit on. That doesn’t mean we’re all friends. We either have mutual friends or your just tolerating them. Clearly, it’s because you’re bored. I rather stay home alone and watch a movie. Then use someone to erase my boredom. That’s really shallow. Anyway… Aristotle said there are 3. I say maybe 6 or 8.

Friendships Of Pleasure– This is when you have the company you enjoy with this person. More like an activity friend. You can do things like.. Go for walks, play a sport, go shopping with. Or, this is the friendship that you have with a local neighbor or at the bar. Maybe even a the gym. This is the person you joke around with or talk to.

Friendships Of The Good- This is when you have a mutual respect or admiration. This can take time to build rather than the one above. This is when you share similar goals and values. They agree on what the world should be. Along with their lives. Usually, these friendships form during childhood, adolescence or in college. Although, I’ve seen plenty develop later in life.

Friendships Of Utility– This one is when you someone is useful in some way. Example… The person that works with you fixes something for you. You look out for each other’s pets while you’re away.

Now let’s really talk… Stay with me.

The Best Friend- The individual who keeps you sane! This is the friend that will not judge you. This friend is there with you through thick and thin. This is the friend that will never try to steal your shining moment. You can tell them absolutely anything. You can be a total disaster, they know all your deep dark secrets. Loves you no matter what.

The Honest Friend– The friend that tells you the absolute truth. They’ll hold nothing back. While breaking it down to you. Everyone needs a friend like this. A friend that will yoke you up and put you in your place. They’ll tell you everything from your relationships to your behavior. This is a rare gem. So, if you have one of these. Hold on to this friend.

The Fearless Leader Friend- The friend with wants to do everything. If you’re stuck in some kind of rut. You’re tired of the same crap. Get you one of these. You need someone that can introduce you to new things. Like.. Activities, culture and philosophy.

The Mentor Friend- The friend who will inspire you without making you feel inadequate. This is the friend that helps you become a better person every day. You don’t need to be in the same fields at all. This is someone that maybe a few steps ahead of you. They have enough patience to deal with you and steer you in the right direction.

The Friend From Another Culture– Another solid one. You learn different things from one another. You’ll learn about different customs. You can even adopt new ways of doing things. Have an open mind make the effort to learn about their values and traditions while getting to know them on a personal note.

The Total Opposite Friend– This is very necessary. Who wants a bunch of friends who have the same values and customs? Get out of your comfort level. Meet a friend that has opposing views. It will open your eyes to different world views and you’ll accept people who doesn’t quite view things in the way that you do. Don’t be a stereotypical tight ass!!

Which friend do you have? Are you surrounded by all?

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