The Social Distancing Stroll

After countless days of being indoors. Not counting going to talk to your family at the window. They live a minute away. Does that count? I don’t know… Anyway, I decided to go to the supermarket. They only allow five people in at time. Also… You need to be armored with a mask and gloves. There are signs that tell you where to stand. We all need to be six feet apart. I have my moments where I don’t want to be near anyone. So, this was perfect. After the market trip I decided to just keep walking. Majority of the stores are completely closed. Some are limited to takeout. With signs stating “Please have on a mask and gloves.” Hardly anyone is outside. It appears that everyone is following the rules. Well at least in my side of town. As I was walking down the avenue. I realize that I haven’t had any exercise. My legs were getting tired and weary. Then this wind came out of nowhere. So, I made an about face and headed home. This is where it gets interesting. Two men were having a discussion about the Coronavirus. One was yelling about him not having on a mask. The other was explained that as long as he stays 6 feet away. Why should anyone worry? Ummmm.. Hi red flag!! This whole thing has me staying far away from individuals. Once the world opens back up. It’s likely that, I’m not going to want to touch anyone. Let alone go out. Unless, the people that I’m around are completely sanitary. Most of my friends are. However, you have some that just aren’t. They’re about to find out!! Lol!! I’ll probably pump Purell in their hands before we give daps and pounds. I’ve gotten used to giving a crisp hello and keep it pushing. The walk was great. I rather go out unless I need to. I do miss the city and my favorite places to eat. I talk to my friends virtually. So, I’m good on that. Maybe I’ll go for another walk tomorrow. Outside is not as depressing as it looks. It just looks really slow. How are you all doing?

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