The Girl Starts Dating….. Again

It’s been pretty rough for Sonya. After a breakup that she wasn’t an official breakup. Meaning… They were still sleeping together. Without the emotional attachment. Sonya, was still into Richard. Then the world shutdown and so did her heart. So she thought…

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Make It Make Sense

Help me figure something out here… You were everyone’s favorite person to be around. It’s six months later and the mention of your name is followed by eye rolling and someone immediately changes the subject. That’s the part where I’m grateful for. You don’t want to hear negative things about a person. Especially if they’re not there to defend themselves. However, it’s things that people noticed. Its different when your with a person solo. As oppose to being with ten other people.

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Watching the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills -Season 10 Episode 12 “Roman Rumors”

This episode left me in total disbelief. Not knowing who to believe. Do we believe Brandi? Do we believe Denise? Was Teddi wrong for spilling tea? Do we still like Sutton? Even she knew about Continue reading “Watching the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills -Season 10 Episode 12 “Roman Rumors””