The Types Of Friendships That You Need In Your Life

Stop with these fair-weathered friends. It’s not healthy for you at all. It can actually kill you! Some people need about 40 friends. That’s totally unnecessary… You’ll find out that maybe, just maybe 6 of them are actually your friends. The rest is your audience. Personally, I prefer the small group of friends. I mean… You may see me out with tons of people. When I have my extrovert suit on. That doesn’t mean we’re all friends. We either have mutual friends or your just Continue reading “The Types Of Friendships That You Need In Your Life”

The Meeting Of The Minds

With this pandemic happening. We’ve been stuck indoors. I gotta be totally honest. I’m at my wits end. I’m actually cooking dinner. I’m usually a takeout guy. Give me two slices of pizza and I’m good. Well, the pizza place is closed. I would not even try to make one. Anyway, I’ve been in several group chats. That can be a bit tough. You can end up missing an entire conversation. Continue reading “The Meeting Of The Minds”

The Virtual Happy Hour

Now that we’re all quarantined or semi-quarantined. You miss your friends. Thank heavens for the friend that thought of setting up a group chat. Wait!! It can be hit or miss. You might get caught in something you may regret. Tonight was pretty freaking awesome!! It was everyone that I see at the bar. They’ve become a second family. I could go on but I won’t get to the point of this. It was like we all were sitting or standing at the bar. Only thing we were serving our own drinks. No sexy bartender name… $&$&)) I got slammed pretty quick. Which usually happens at Continue reading “The Virtual Happy Hour”

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